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This is yet another "used-to-be-the-front-page" of I put the sounds in the navbar because I thought my kid would get a kick out of them, and he did. :-) Answers to frequently asked questions are here.


Feb. 2 (1999) Been a long time, way busy. There's a new book review I did; mostly I'm working on a new site at work ... Note: We launched Feb. 18.

Dec. 6. Update. Caught Bill Gates on CSPAN this morning. Just the thing I needed to put me back to sleep after the radio show ...

Dec. 1. A Great Primer on the Open Source Software Revolution, Tim O'Reilly with Esther Dyson

Nov. 24. Ahhh. Sh*t. AOL and Netscape.

Went to Boston Saturday, Nov. 14 for the first public meeting of ICANN. My first, tentative take on THAT mess, with photos, is here.

Anyway, hi. For the cognitively impaired, tftb = "Tales from the Bitstream," a column I used to write regularly for the New Haven (Connecticut) Advocate and sometimes its sister papers at NewMassMedia. I also make a nuisance of myself on the occasional radio show (check out The Computer Report) and write essays, commentary and reviews for other publications when I feel like it.

I'm working on a complete revamp of the site and hope to have it up sometime in August 1999.

Contributions of news and weirdness are welcome. :-)

Thanks for visiting,

Jeff Schult