Nicole's and Jeff's Biographies

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is a 35-year-old computer salesperson by day and sometimes, by night, a Middle Eastern dancer (yes, really! It's her secret identity. But don't tell anybody.) She has been involved in the computer industry since 1992. She is a 1985 graduate of Kent State University (yes, *that* Kent State) and has been a regular columnist for the Torrington (CT) Voice bi-weekly newspaper for more than two years, generally spouting her usual liberal drivel and annoying the local born-again Christians. Her interests include computer hardware, the Internet, belly dancing, ancient history, and what her brother calls "weird shit" (we think he means her abiding interest in unusual religions but it may also refer to her bizarre Christmas present requests over the years which include the Koran, the I Ching, and the "1968 Summer of Love" CD-ROM.) She met the love of her life in cyberspace, her dream job is to be offered the chance to support herself writing about computers and the Internet, and she desperately hopes her college friends don't remember how technophobic and anti-computer she was years ago because it would be awfully embarrassing now.


is a 42-year-old father of one 10-year old son named Kellen, whom he adores to pieces, and a fluffy white adorable demonically-possessed cat called Shiva, aptly named after the Hindu god of destruction. He got Nicole to write his bio because he did all the rest of the work on the home page and thought it was now her turn. He spent a year in South Africa working in black-white relations until he was invited to leave for being excessively annoying to white people. He came to Connecticut originally to attend Yale and never left for very long. He worked for more than ten years in Connecticut as a newspaper reporter and editor where he continued to annoy people, mostly politicians.

Jeff has worked for a succession of Internet companies since 1995. They keep getting bought out from under him.

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