The whole site used tolook like this. Tres 1994, huh? Still, this is what it was like, way back then ... Atleast I got rid of the NASTY midi file. What the hell was I thinking?

Eventually, I'll updateit all.

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It started here ... (Tales, Advocate, 1995 sometime ...)

'NetDreams (Tales, Advocate, 1/97)

Adissection of Wired Style (Advocate, 12/96)

Nicole'stribute to the late Carl Sagan (Voice, 1/97)

NicoleGets (even more) Politically Incorrect (sorta timeless.)

You can find some of our stuff over at the siteof the publisher of the New Haven Advocate(mostly Jeff's book reviews.)


More archives:

WeWon't Behave ...

A somewhat squirrely look at thegoings-on at a Big, Important Internet powow (Advocate, 8/96), and

Usenetfor Insane Newbies

Netiquette and Things Not to TellYour Mom ...(Advocate, 7/96.) Also:

ThankYou for Not Breeding

Nicole's review of Laura Lisle's WithoutChild: Challenging the Stigma of Childlessness (American Reporter, 7/96.)


Still some shelflife, pending reorganization...

The Net Gods Must beCrazy, Tales from the Bitstream, (New Haven Advocate and Elsewhere, 3/96.)

A Revisionist Historyof Snow in New England, by Nicole (Voice, 2/96.)

Science as a Candlein the Dark, A review of Carl Sagan's latest book by Jeff (American Reporter,3/96.)

Onward and upward (Yes, we've been at thisawhile.)

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    • The American Reporter: Where we do the occasional book review ...
    • The Rapture Index: Incredibly, this person has come up with A Way to Tell, on any given day, just how fast we are approaching the "End Times." This makes us giggle uncontrollably just to think about, and we saw no reason not to share it.

    A footnote ... Jeff's first book, Beauty from Afar, was published in 2006.

    Beauty from Afar

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